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Reviews of my work will be here soon. For now, please enjoy this recent press release issued by The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition:

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, along with Borough President Marty Markowitz unveiled paintings of 23 artists in the 25th Anniversary Art Exhibition at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Community Room Gallery at 209 Joralemon Street On April 12th. All artists are members of BWAC. Leon Nicholas Kalas, member of both BWAC and West Side Art Coalition, curetted the exhibit, selecting fellow artists to showcase their work and give viewers a chance to get a sneak peak at what will be coming in the BWAC¹s 25th Anniversary Spring Art Show, due to begin on May 7th and run to June 18th on weekends 12-6 pm, at 499 Van Brunt Street, on the Red Hook Waterfront.

The Preview show ran from April 12th to April 27th with a reception for the artists on the 26th, the event was a wonderful success. With its wide range of styles, the show carried on an overall unified theme, celebrating the ever-enriching art community in Brooklyn. In attendance was Borough President Marty Markowitz, who gave positive words on how Brooklyn is fast becoming the hub for many new artists, especially with so many now moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Coverage of the event was also televised on BCAT Time Warner Cable. While guests were enjoying cake and champagne, each artist was given the privilege to discuss their work. Artists on exhibit were: Audrey Frank Anastasi, Mary Barnes, Beverly Brown, James Cantirino, David Deak, Ralph Ferrara, Faith Gabel, Rachel Galbreath, Carlo Grassini, Janice Jacob, Leon Nicholas Kalas, Anna Annus Hagen, Halina Marki, Tina K. Olsen, Ernest Pappanastos, Tracy Philips, L. Gilbert Schneider, John Strohbeen, Julie Tersigni, Therese Urban, Tom Vega, Dolores Wesnak, and Ellie Winberg.

Over 300 more Brooklyn painters and sculptors will soon join this diverse group in the BWAC spring show. It is there that one can witness a world of creativity that reflects just how far along Brooklyn Art has advanced


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